Legal firms are mostly concerned about maintaining documents’ confidentiality apart from managing documents in a single briefcase. Office 365 SWAT, a Microsoft Certified Go To partner in Dallas, offers you the most effective Office 365 solution to help you enhance security and productivity of your law organization.


Highly Secure

Office 365 gives you the option to prevent user(s) from accessing a single or more document. Data leakage can be plugged effectively with the solution.


You can sync your OneDrive for Business with Matter Center’s 1 TB individual storage along with a personal briefcase. This briefcase automatically integrates with your documents so that you can access them anytime and from anywhere.

More Work in Less Time

Matter Center (it is a SharePoint based document management and collaboration solution developed by Microsoft Corporate, External and Legal Affairs group) helps you enhance productivity with one of its features like ability to work simultaneously with your colleagues on the same file and track changes in real-time.

Find Your Matter in No Time

The quick search engine allows you to find matters and related documents within Word or Outlook in seconds.

Enhanced Billability

You can be more productive with Office 365 and can deliver the same level of productivity to your clients. Matter Center for Office 365 gives the most efficient business solution helping you earn more revenue.

Easily Manage & Collaborate Your Documents

The Matter Center is designed in such a manner to make it more centric towards law firms and similar legal organizations. It allows professionals to work in real-time with Office 365. You can find, drag, drop, organize, share and option to save mails and attachments from Outlook and conveniently use all the familiar Microsoft Office tools.

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